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Splendid Israel Vacations for the Jewish Holidays are spent at one of the eight Rimonim Hotels in Israel


Holidays in Israel are popular as they give an opportunity to get to know or reconnect with our roots.  This is true of any Holiday in Israel and for believers of every denomination or faith, is they observant or not.

Israel vacations during the holidays give us the opportunity to visit the many interesting religious and cultural sites, visit family and friends and experience the special atmosphere of holidays in Israel. It is a time to be together and enjoy the spirit, cuisine and traditions associated with every holiday.

Celebrate holidays in Israel and understand the meaning of each holiday. Each holiday has a story, which can vary according to the origin of each family. A holiday in Israel is an enriching religious and cultural experience, for all. 

The many interesting sites and attractions are especially visited during the Israel vacations and holidays. This type of vacation in Israel can also include trekking, climbing, diving, visit to museums, archeological sites or just stretching out and enjoying the beach or pool.

Holidays in Israel are also very popular locally and the Israelis are avid tourists in their own countries.

Come and enjoy a holiday vacation in Israel.

Rosh Hashanah




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