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City of Gold


Jerusalem, once considered the center of the world and still the center of Islam, Christianity and Judaism, attracts millions of visitors every year. They come to visit the Holy sites in Jerusalem or to explore the places to visit in Jerusalem that make this city so unique and special.

One of the most popular places to visit in Jerusalem is the Old Walled City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This walled city with its colorful Market (shuk) draws visitors to the many Holy sites in Jerusalem within its walls: the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and the Via Dolorosa with the stations of the Cross, the 7th century Dome of the Rock Mosque with its golden dome and the 2000 year old Wailing Wall, the last remnant of Solomon's Temple and the most sacred spot in the world for Jews.

3000 years of history in one square kilometer


The events and history of the walled Old City have influenced the human race for more than 3000 years. The Holy sites in Jerusalem have been the cause of controversy and conflict for over 3000 years. Today, the Old City is safer than ever before with visitors enjoying unrestricted access to the many Holy sites and places of interest.

The Old City is divided into 4 quarters – Jewish, Christian, Armenian and Moslem. Each quarter has its own character and personality making them fascinating places to visit in Jerusalem. To gain an excellent view of the Old City from above and to fully appreciate how this tiny enclave has had such an impact on the world, walk on the16th Century Ottoman walls.

The "other" Jerusalem

The Holy sites in Jerusalem are not all there is to see. There are hundreds of other places to visit in Jerusalem. In fact, the new city is a cosmopolitan metropolis with many different ethnic populations and cultures to experience, each unique and each offering a glimpse into another world.

Of all the places to visit in Jerusalem, please don't ignore the many museums that portray the 6000 year old history of Jerusalem and its relationships with the world and religion.

Two museums, in particular, provide a unique insight into Israel and the Jewish people. The Israel Museum with over 50,000 exhibits and the Dead Sea Scrolls, the oldest known remains of biblical texts written on parchment some 2000 years ago takes you on a journey from Israel's ancient past and up to the present day. The Holocaust Museum (Yad VaShem) is an emotional and heart rendering account of the mass murder of European Jewry at the hands of the Nazis during the Second World War. Whilst at time disturbing – this is an essential stop for every visitor to Jerusalem.

The Rimonim Shalom Hotel


Another of the essential places to visit in Jerusalem is the Rimonim Shalom Hotel.

Whether for business or pleasure, a family event or a vacation, a short break or a longer stay, this wonderful hotel with 287 rooms including Family rooms offers guests an unforgettable stay.

Rooms equipped with everything you would expect from a luxury hotel, pampering furniture, large comfortable beds and floor to ceiling windows that offer a breathtaking view over the Jerusalem cityscape. The hotel offers every facility you could want – including a half sized Olympic swimming pool. Just like the other Rimonim hotels across Israel – here too you will be treated like royalty.

Enjoy your stay!

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