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Accessibility and Special Needs

The Rimonim Hotels chain offers Israeli tranquility for everyone. From the North of Israel to the South, the Rimonim Hotels chain is dedicated to making the best of its hotels accessible to all its customers, including those with disabilities.

Enacted in 1998, the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law provides various regulations that enable equal and active integration of persons with disabilities in society in all spheres of life.

The Rimonim Hotels chain strives to provide exceptional, efficient and equal service to its entire clientele through a variety of accessibility facilities. The Rimonim Hotels chain places great importance in offering equal service to all of its customers, and takes active measures to promote accessibility and quality hospitality in its hotels.

The Rimonim Hotels chain continues to implement the necessary adjustments for people with disabilities, in accordance with the provisions of the law and the regulations, and operates according to a multi-year plan together with guidance from qualified accessibility consultants.

The Rimonim Hotels chain strives to make the company's website accessible to people with disabilities and to provide customers with user-friendly access to services and content on its website.

For further information, please contact Ms. Etty Baron, the company's Accessibility Coordinator on 03-6754568 or email at ettyb@rimonim.com.

Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel

The Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel has 2 disabled rooms in the Spa wing. The rooms are suitable for couples + 2 children, and are equipped with a shower stall with grab bars and wheelchair-accessible doors. The hotel has several disabled parking bays and there is direct access from the parking to the hotel entrance via an access ramp. The swimming pool is accessible to people with mobility disabilities. The hotel is in the process of providing beach access for its disabled guests.  

Rimonim Shalom Hotel Jerusalem

The hotel offers 3 disabled rooms for couples only. Rooms are equipped with a walk-in shower and wheelchair-accessible doors. The hotel has several disabled parking spaces with a direct access ramp from the hotel's parking. The swimming pool is accessible for people with physical challenges (access to the pool area is by elevator)..

Rimonim Tower Ramat Gan Hotel

The reception area, lobby, dining room, banquet halls and swimming pool are accessible to people with physical disabilities. Disabled parking spaces are available in the hotel's parking lot. The hotel provides facilities for people with hearing loss. Several hotel rooms are being adapted to meet the needs of guests with physical challenges..