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About Rimonim Hotels

Rimonim Hotels & Resorts, an ILDC Company, has been following Israel since its establishment. Today the chain includes 8 superior hotels, well designed and professionally staffed, from Eilat in the South, to the Golan in the North.

The name of the Chain “Rimonim” (pomegranates) is an Israeli name symbolizing the beauty and the goodness with which our country was blessed. It fits the character of the hotels, operating on a management strategy whose principle is providing each guest with the best.

At the service of our guests are highly professional and well trained employees, who provide a high standard of service along with a wide range experiences and vacation possibilities, hospitality and business, which are making each vacation unforgettable.

At each hotel there are various activities: 
Those visiting Tiberias “Rimonim Galei Kinnereth Hotel”, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, provides guests with an exclusive spa and vacation experience.
For a rustic and romantic atmosphere we suggest “The Ruth Rimonim Hotel” in Safed, featuring tours of the artist colony, Graves of the Righteous along with pleasurable treatments in the “Rimonim Spa”.
Experience an active vacation and an unencumbered meeting with nature at the “Rimonim Neve Ativ Holiday Village” in the north. For those going south, various vacation possibilities at the “Rimonim Eilat Hotel” on the Red Sea shore. A meeting between the cultures of the East and the West is revealed to guests at “The Rimonim Nazareth Hotel”.

Nestled on the tranquil shores of Akko, "Rimonim Palm Beach Hotel" is the perfect retreat for by-the-sea relaxation, near the beauty of the old city.

Concerted efforts are invested to the business traveler at the “Rimonim Tower Hotel” in Ramat Gan. The hotel rooms are business suites equipped with all the necessary amenities from fax modem connections and Internet to full kitchenette for those on long stays.

At the holy city Jerusalem, "Rimonim Jerusalem Hotel", located in the beautiful Ba'it Va'gan area.
In our ongoing efforts to provide our guests from Israel and abroad with an attractive and perfect experience, the hotel chain is expected to continue and develop in order to assure full satisfaction during your stay and bring you back to stay with us, at Rimonim Hotels & Resorts, in the future.